Especially designed for IRAQ

Jubaili Bros sets itself apart from other Generator manufacturers and service providers by having complete dedication to customer satisfaction. With over 35 years in the power generation field Jubaili Bros has become one of the most trusted names in the power sector.

Jubaili,Generators exported to Iraq are especially designed to suit the hot climate of the country. Each Generator is backed by a one year warranty or 1000 working hours and is supported by a dedicated, well trained service team.

Jet  Generators Sound proof Canopies

For more information please contact us on:

Tel: 078 00 22 0000

Tel: 077 22 555 225           

Moaskar  el  Rashid  Street, mahalat 809, Bab 147,  Baghdad - Iraq                                                


Tel : 07800 22 0000

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